Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's been more than 6 months since I was last fully committed to NS. I started the program in January, 2006 and had a great start. I lost about 60 pounds in 7 months and looked and felt better than I EVER have. However, amid all the accolades and compliments, new clothes and celebratory drinks, I became complacent and while I've managed to maintain my weight within 10 lbs of my lowest point, I've lost muscle, become flabbier and feel about as out of shape as I did when I started - 62lbs ago. Not good.

There's an LA Fitness that's literally across the street from where I live, but because I've been overweight--actually OBESE--my ENTIRE life I've always felt intimidated by gyms...I mean, when you look like me, who wants to walk into a Bally's commercial with all the hardbodies dressed in skimpy spandex?! This thought has kept me away from the gym like it's toxic. I've realized that what was toxic was my own thinking: I poisoned my own mind which resulted in me staying unfit, unhealthy and unhappy!!

Therefore, I've decided to start cleansing my mind, body and spirit. I need to recapture the enthusiasm and discipline with which I began this program and use that momentum to propel me to my goal. Two weeks ago I joined LA Fitness and also signed up for a personal trainer, two times a month. I 've done as much as I could do on my own with NS; I have to step up the exercise and work on strengthening and toning my body. My ultimate goal is not just a number on the scale--it's a healthy mindset and lifestyle. For a while now I've been slacking on the things that helped me achieve my initial success: logging onto the NS website daily, reading the Daily Doses, chatting with other members about their journeys, blogging about my own journey. I'm going back to what works. If I work the program, the weight will come off. Wish me luck!