Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Bringing Sexy Back, YUP!

Not that I actually ever really had 'sexy', but it's good to bring it back anyway! LOL

Condo Progress Cont'd

We are Family: my mom, one of my sisters and me!

Me, mom and my lil sis Ashley. In the pics, I'm down 65lbs, my mom's down 30 and my sis is just cute!

My Saturday Night Out

One thing I've always hated being a "BIG" girl is going out alone and worrying that everyone is making fun of, pitying, staring at the fat girl at the bar. Well, I'm trying to get over that whole deal. Saturday I sucked it up and decided to buy some clothes. I haven't bought any new items since I've started this whole journey other than 2 bras and some panties. So, I headed to Avenue and bought 2 size 22Average jeans (nice and snug--MUCH better than 26 or 28s, and they're NOT the stretchy, "lite" denim kind), a pair of khaki cargo capris and 3 tank tops. But then I had these cute outfits with no where to go! I called a new friend of mine, Dani, and asked her to meet me out there and I HAD A BLAST. Dani was cool enough to send me some pics of that evening. Once again, I love the fact that I only look 2 times bigger than everyone, rather than 200X. LOL.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Sore and I'm Happy!

My arms are aching, my arse is sore and I'm THRILLED! (Anyone remember that childhood chant "My back is achin'; my belt's too tight; my booty's shakin' from left to right?" LOL) Why am I happy to be in pain? Because it means that I finally got my fat (soon to be phat) ass in gear last night. I did my trusty 2-mile WalkAerobics with Leslie Sansone and then about 25 minutes on the Gazelle (about 2.3 miles); in addition to doing a total of about 50 wall push-ups during my bathroom breaks at work yesterday. I've already done 40 today and expect to be walkin' away again this evening. I'm just soo happy that I've "broken the ice" so to speak and I plan/hope to keep it up.

Today's NS Daily Dose is entitled "Fall Back Pitfall #3: Doubt", and the message that stood out was this: "Doubt only becomes a problem when you actually start belieiving those nagging voices in your head, or you let them lead you down the path to destruction."

The past 10 months has been a series of doubts: I doubted I would make it through the first box of food (especially with those damn muffins and orange "drink"); I doubted I could walk more than 10 minutes; I doubted I could lose 20lbs before I gave up. But I agree with the DD; pay enough attention to the doubts and they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Well, in keeping with the prophetic implications of my name, I predict that I WILL SUCCEED AND MEET GOAL BY 5/8/2007 (my 32nd birthday)!!