Monday, November 06, 2006

My Saturday Night Out

One thing I've always hated being a "BIG" girl is going out alone and worrying that everyone is making fun of, pitying, staring at the fat girl at the bar. Well, I'm trying to get over that whole deal. Saturday I sucked it up and decided to buy some clothes. I haven't bought any new items since I've started this whole journey other than 2 bras and some panties. So, I headed to Avenue and bought 2 size 22Average jeans (nice and snug--MUCH better than 26 or 28s, and they're NOT the stretchy, "lite" denim kind), a pair of khaki cargo capris and 3 tank tops. But then I had these cute outfits with no where to go! I called a new friend of mine, Dani, and asked her to meet me out there and I HAD A BLAST. Dani was cool enough to send me some pics of that evening. Once again, I love the fact that I only look 2 times bigger than everyone, rather than 200X. LOL.


~*~Asset~*~ said...

You look GREAT!~!!! Fantastic job so far!

spicy mamacita said...

Keep going you look awesome!! I have enjoyed all your postings you are so inspirational!! You motivate me & make my day with all your philosophy glad you got rid of what's his name you deserve way better your soulmate is out there waiting for you. Always keep smiling you have beautiful smile!!