Monday, July 31, 2006

Cass' Condo

Yes, I can actually say "my condo" because as of about 5:45pm on Friday, July 28, 2006, I became a condo owner!!! YIPPEEEE!!! And now, Monday morning, I am absolutely and utterly EXHAUSTED. I mean, I got tired just shopping at Home Depot and I haven't even done any work yet! LOL. But I have a feeling this is the kind of work I won't mind so much. :-) But there is soooo much to do: cleaning, pulling up carpet, sanding and priming walls, painting, laying down tile (I'm leaving that to a pro), and then the actual moving in of furniture (any volunteers to help??). My workouts for the next month will be mostly in the form of manual labor, but, hey, so long as I'm burning calories, I could care less. SIGH...but this is a great thing...this has been a great year soo far. Now, if only I could hit 60lbs lost sometime soon...that's the next goal.

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Paul said...

Congratulations Condo Owner!! Trust me we just bought our first house four years ago today and Home Depot will become your new favorite store and second home. When people ask you what you want for gifts you will say, "Home Depot gift cards!"

Good luck on losing weight from all of the packing, moving and preparing the condo activities - just watch the food and drink intake and you will do great!

CONGRATS! This is so exciting.