Thursday, January 04, 2007

Starting Over

I just love the Daily Dose and today's is particularly appropos! Can't wait to get started on Monday (the mental preparation/training has already begun*).

A bad haircut. Those horrible words you said to your last boyfriend. That Enron investment. We all have things we regret doing. Things we wish we could take back, or turn around, or undo. Unfortunately, though, much in life is the real deal and set in stone once it's in the past. What's done is done. Bygones. But here's the good news: we know of one big fat exception…
Fat! Yes, weight. Those good ole L-B-S's. That giant pizza you devoured every Sunday this past football season. The two dozen cookies that disappeared last Tuesday night. All that beer you drank over the holidays. Sure, it probably wreaked havoc on your waistline…but it's totally "undo-able." Isn't that great?
That's right—to "undo" is "doable"!
Not many times do we get to fix something, or take back an error in judgment, but when it comes to our weight, and how we got that way, that's exactly what we get to do. We get to fix it. We get a second chance. And that's a beautiful thing.
Now that it's January, it's the perfect time to give ourselves that second chance and focus big time on becoming healthier, and downright happier, in the New Year. Let's face it, more food and drink isn't really going to make you happier, is it? At this point, maybe it's likely to make you even more frustrated or wishing even harder that things were different.
So make them different, starting today.
Stick to you guns and realize you really can "undo" any damage that's been done, lose weight, and create a whole new and improved you. People do it all the time.
Now it's your turn for a do-over.
* FYI: When I weigh-in on Monday, it will probably be my TOM so the actual number may be even more inflated than I'd like, but who cares since it's all going away anyway?!!?


Leigh said...

YAY you're back!!! I know what you mean, I weighed the other day and I'm bouncing between 260-265. That's a 10-15lb GAIN. Makes me even more determined to get my ass in gear, so let's do this Cass!! You look fantastic, but what is it with the turtleneck on the beach!! lmao

Churchill001 said...

Glad to see you back!!! Did you bring SEXY with you???

Churchill001 said...

Hey Girlie - just read your replies on my blog and you are correct about Ralph Fiennes( or as I like to call him, Ralph FINE! How could I have forgotten him?

Anywho, I'm so glad to see you back and doing the damn thang - handle your business.

BTW, I'll be happy to give afew pointers with the darts, anytime you want. We have our first match of the season this week so wish us luck. I got two personal trophies from last season! Who-hoo!

Jamie said...

Hey Cass...glad to see you back. I am so sorry to hear about your friend from work. It looks like we all got bounced from the wagon over the holidays. We're back on now and you are looking great as ever. I sure hope I learned something from this past holiday season but I doubt it! :) Take care and I'm gonna go check out your myspace now.