Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mayday, Mayday! But, I'm OK!

So, yesterday was my 31st birthday, and I celebrated by spending nearly the entire day in bed...sleeping. But that's only 'cause I was absolutely and utterly exhausted!!! You see, I'd been celebrating since Friday. I mean, how convenient was it to start off my birthday weekend with Cinco de Mayo?!

So, Friday night after work I went to Monty's for Happy Hour. What a mad house! All the 'kids' out of school and out to celebrate a national drinking holiday (I say kids 'cause they all looked so young, but they were obviously at least 21). I had a great time with the help of a couple of Bacardi and diet cokes. I was in an especially light-hearted mood because of a pair of hot pink pants. [That morning as I got ready for work, I realized I had absolutely NOTHING to wear--all my work pants are too big. So, in a panic, I went rummaging through my mom's closet for something to wear, when this bright glare from the right side of the closet nearly blinded me. I pulled out a pair of brand new (tags attached), hot pink, Size 22W pants. As the clock neared 8:00 (the time that I should leave my house if I hope to have any chance of getting to work and Starbucks before 9AM), I pulled on those bright-ass pants...up over the hips they slid (easily), zipped up and snapped shut, with breathing room to spare--my first size 22 anything since I was in my pre-teens!!! My lowest weight in high school had me wearing (squeezing into) 22/24s and that was when I was a senior.]

OK, so back to the festivities: I left Monty's fairly early. My plan was to drink and party at home for the rest of the evening 'cause I don't like to be driving on the road with crazy drunk people and I like, even less, being one of those crazy drunk people driving on the road. A couple of friends came over and we jammed. It was cool. Later that night I binged on Dunkin' Donuts...I had a coffee coolata and 3 cookies. {sigh}

Saturday morning I recuperated, got up and started prepping to party that night. Danny agreed to make me a special birthday dinner and I'd decided on grilled salmon and pasta. One of my "gifts" to myself was to go off the wagon until Tuesday--no Nutrisystem anything--no yogurt, no cucumbers, no apples, no plain tuna/chicken out of a can, no green peppers, no oatmeal, no NS meals PERIOD!!! Honestly, I was sooo sick of the same thing every day that I had to give myself a reprieve. Dinner was great!!! I chowed down on a wedge of brie with French bread for appetizer, had angelhair pasta with asparagus, seared salmon and fresh garlic bread. I was in heaven. Later that night I binged on a KitKat and 4 Chips Ahoy cookies. {sigh}

Sunday morning I rolled over around noon and got a call to meet some friends at the 1:00PM Marlins game against the St. Louis Cardinals. My first and only meal of the day came around 5pm and was leftover pasta with salmon. That night friends came over and I drank...but by then I had finally ingested my fill of rum and diet coke. We heralded in my b-day at midnight, and that basically brings me back to my lazy Monday in bed.

I was more than ready to get "back on track" this morning, Day 120 on NS. In the back of my mind all weekend, I worried that my binge would negate all the hard work I've done over the past 4 months and that I should feel extremely guilty for all my food indiscretions. But I don't feel guilty. I felt like I had a handle on it all. I had 4 work-out free days, 3 NS-free days, and I AM OK. I walked at lunch today; I will workout later and again tomorrow and so on. NS has truly changed my life...and me.


Leigh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time!! And Congrats on the control, you're still in charge, and it shows! Way to go!!! (LOL I can't help but giggle at the hot pink pants! i bet you looked HOT!)

Leigh said...

Thanks for the great comment, Cass...you're right of course...but sometimes I wish things could be different...don't we all?

Leigh said...

Ok 3rd post! Gorgeous pic Cass! I love it. Hey, where are you? You haven't posted since May 9...is everything ok??