Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Watched Belly Never Shrinks :-(

"A watched belly never shrinks," said my wisecracker friend Scott. (Grrr. I should've smacked him.) But, I guess the sentiment is appropriate today as I report that NO, I did not meet my Memorial Day goal to reach 272.5lbs. I'm stuck, I think; I still haven't been able to lose that half-of-a-f*%&ing-pound!!!! Patience has never been a virtue of mine (not that I've ever considered myself particularly virtuous, despite 13 years of Catholic schooling). I realize there are many things to focus on, rather than the number on the scale--NSVs and all that. But this is the first mini-goal I've set that I didn't meet, and it's weird because I feel as though this is the one I've worked the hardest toward. Odd.

So, my assignment for myself today is to exercise my power of positive thinking. To ponder what I have accomplished rather than what I haven't. I have lost 49.5 lbs. For all intents and purposes, I've lost fifty friggin' pounds, and that ain't nuthin' to sneeze at!!

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Leigh said...

Good girl. Great attitude. 49.5 lbs. you're right, I'd call that 50lbs whether anyone else would or not. It doesn't matter. You look hot, you feel great and i've learned that the damn half pound doesn't matter so much. Half of life, we set goals for ourselves and come up short. Don't let this particular one get you down. You're only a half pound off! I much closer can you get?! (Holy moly 50lbs!!! Have you said that to yourself yet? Have you really listened to that! 50lbs!!!!)