Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Plan to Be Lookin' Fly in July!

June 1. The first day of the month and the first day of my journey toward my current mini goal. Target? 267.5lbs by July 4th (Day 176 on NS). That's 7.5lbs for the month (actually, 33 days). I've got to take into account that now that my body's getting used to the increased activity and decreased calories, my rate of loss is slowing down. I don't want to be over zealous and set unattainable targets. These goals are meant to focus me; not to daunt me or set me up for failure. I just want this FRIGGIN' FAT gone already!!!!!
"A watched belly never shrinks" my ass!! LOL! ;-)

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Jamie said...

LOL! You go Cass. Prove him wrong!!! He'll be watching it shrink. I agree with Leigh! 50lbs. WoooHoooo!!! 50 fricken pounds.

I hear ya on the rate of loss slowing! It's hard. But it does continue. Sorry about that missed goal. That is actually a specialty of mine. :) I don't think I have hit one yet. I am 5 pounds from my July 4th goal if I can get back on track. 2nd day back on for me, I just need to stay here!!! Maybe, I'll actually make one. We can do it together!!! July we come!!!!