Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bus Seats Aren't As Small As I Thought...

[FYI: I wasn't hiding. I was having technical difficulties with blogger.com, but apparently they've been cleared up, so I'm back; also, you can always visit me at www.myspace.com/mizcass]
Back to blogging and to basics: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 Rich inspired me to get up early and workout before I went to work. I weighed 276. I did about 30 minutes on the Gazelle and was off to work. That night I came home and for the first time since I moved in, walked up and down the street I live on (exactly 2 miles round trip from my parking spot). That was 2 weeks ago today and except for both Saturdays, I have worked out every single day!! I also have resumed my daily walks during my lunch break, 25-30 minutes around downtown (don't worry, I'm watching out for any punching homeless men). In the evenings I alternate between 35-45 minutes on the Gazelle and walking 2 miles outside (last night I walked 3 miles). PLUS, my mom recently bought Tony Little's Ab-Lounge Xtreme and has since given (sold) it to me. [What was originally my den is now my Tony Little workout room--if I manage to get go goal, I'm going to have to write him a thank-you letter.] I've been doing about 100 crunches a day. Something must be working because last Thursday I reached my goal to hit 265 before Valentine's Day (Friday my TOM started so I'm not weighing this week). It is the most progress I've made since Labor Day, and I'm encouraged. Actually, I'm encouraged for a number of reasons: like I mentioned, it's my TOM so, of course, I'm feeling bloated and crampy and all-around cruddy (like the recent weather here); well, I wore my skinny jeans to work yesterday (don't ask me why) but I was actually comfortable all day!!! I had a feeling that the Ab-Lounge had worked some inches off my midsection but I couldn't be sure cause my lazy butt didn't measure myself before I started. YAY!

So, last week I started taking the bus to work. Drive to the park & ride, take the downtown express bus and it drops me off right in front of my building. It's been great to be able to sleep on the way to and from work. I almost can't believe I'm enjoying taking the bus. I've been taking the bus to school and everywhere else since I was a kid and until I was in my mid-20s when I had a car of my own. And I hated it! The main reason is unless the bus was fairly empty, I felt crowded and uncomfortable--the damn seats are sooo small! Well ( insert sheepish grin) you know, the bus seats aren't that small. I mean, this past week I've noticed that I actually fit completely into one seat instead of 1/3 of my arse spilling over into the next one. People can actually sit next to me and not have to sit sideways. My knees aren't constantly jutting into the seats in front of me and I don't feel like I'm suffocating fellow passengers on either side when I walk down the aisle looking for a seat. I can't tell you what a feeling that is--an incredible NSV. Like lying down on my side and feeling my knees touch each other sans two inches of fat in between--I have BONES!

So, I feel like I'm back on track and hoping to stay that way (I know you're watching me, Leigh. LOL!!). Gotta keep my eye on the prize. Next major goal is to reach 247.5 by my birthday, which is exactly 13 weeks away. That would give me a total of 75lbs lost since I started this thing. The picture above was taken on February 2, Groundhog Day, 2007. My shadow's a lot smaller this year than it was last year. LOL!


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Churchill001 said...

ABOUT DARN TIME!!! You know I can't log on to myspace at work right? My home computer is wack! and the only way I can get updates is through your blogspot blog. I know, I know...how is that your problem? LoL Anyway, you're looking great and GO GATORS!!!

Natasha said...


I am so proud of your success with NS. I are looking GREAT!! Keep up the great work girl.


nhop1976 (ns member)

Julie said...

I know exactly how you felt when you sat in that "not too small" bus seat. I had to fly to NY last month (I'm in Central Florida) and for the first time in 3 years I didn't have to ask the flight attendants for the seat belt extender. I am Julie72 on NS if you'd like to check my progress.