Friday, April 13, 2007

Thanks, Leigh!

One of my NS Buddies, Leigh, with whom I've been chatting, commiserating, blogging and working NutriSystem with since early on in my journey, sent me this picture today. I LOVE the support NS provides. I've made friends with virtual strangers who, whether they 'know' me or not, understand me better than a lot of people who've known me for years. Maybe not every detail or nuance of my life history, but they understand the 'core' of me because my weight has affected, even determined, so many aspects of my life and shaped so many experiences that only those who've been through similar experiences can appreciate. We don't judge each other, berate or belittle each other; we lift each other up when we need help, praise each other for success and encourage each other to continue the path toward a healthy, active and ultimately satisfying lifestyle. I'd like to actually take a current picture wearing the same gear I was wearing in the first photo (in which I weighed 313.5 -- it was day 11 on NS) so I can really see the change. Notice how everything's smaller...except my smile!!!! THANKS, LEIGH!!!

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Leigh said...

Aw honey, it was my pleasure...just to see how far you've come and you're still so determined...You're a true inspiration! Let me know when you get a new pic with the same red/white outfit, then we'll be able to do a real comparison!