Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day of School - 2nd Semester as a 1L

I start classes again today. I approach this second semester as a 1L at FIU Law with enthusiasm and a little bit of anxiety. It's not so much the course load -- last semester I managed a B average (though I did better in Torts than in Contracts, bummer) -- but the schedule is a bit hectic and sometimes the mere thought of it is paralyzing. I know I'm by no means the only person who works and goes to school, but I'm lazy so it kind of sucks. I leave my condo by 8am, work from 9 - 3p, suffer through westbound traffic from downtown Miami to SW 112th Ave., try to stay alert during classes from 7 - 10p on Mondays and 7-9 Tues through Thurs. OMG I need a nap just thinking about it. And amid all of this I supposed to try and cram in workouts at the gym either before class at 5 or after class at 10p. Ugh. Oh, and I have a dog to walk too, but I get help with that one. (Thanks, Danny!)

But it pays off. Toward the end of last semester I kind of hit my stride and I managed to do all those things. Of course, I wasn't perfect everyday; but I was good more days than I wasn't. So, my goal is to continue on the same path and progress. I gotta be the 'not-so-little Cassandre that could'. I will.

This semester I have the pleasure (?) of taking Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law and round 2 of Legal Skills & Values (LSV). Sounds rather boring, don't you think? I'll let you know.

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Miss Trudy said...

I actually thought Legal Skills and Values, taught by the right person, could be the most interesting of all. All those conflicts of ethics and interests and how to deal with them. You'll survive. Like you said, you're not the only person to work and go to school full time and it is all about hitting your own stride.