Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tackling the Next 90

So, 93 days in and I feel great. I achieved my goal to reach 288 by Day 90 (Sunday) and on that day I weighed in at 287! (Time to get those dumbbells.) It's my TOM so the weight loss over this past week has been at a near stand-still, but at least I know why. I've got about 26 days to lose another 5lbs so that I can make my birthday goal. I feel very confident. I took some new photos so I can really see the difference 90 days made; I hope to post them soon.

My Gazelle arrived on Friday afternoon and Danny put it together for me Saturday morning. I gotta tell ya: it is sooo much fun!! I didn't realize I would actually enjoy a workout as much as I enjoy using that machine. I realize part of it is the novelty of the item, but I find myself jumping on it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, even just during a TV commercial! It's better than my treadmill because it's not electric and therefore makes no noise. I don't have to turn the TV volume level to deafening in order to get through the workout, and I can have a conversation with someone next to me without having to stop & turn everything off. It even has a computer that tracks speed, distance, approximate calories burned, an odometer that keeps track of use since the beginning and a sensor to measure your pulse. Let's see if it's as good at helping me burn fat as it is fun to do.

I have to give myself a pat on the back here. During this past week I have socialized quite a bit: I went to Monty's for stone crabs to celebrate the Gator NCAA Hoop championship; I had Danny over for a movie; I went to my friend Diane's for a "jam" session with Danny and RJ; and yesterday was the Marlins game. In the past, during any one of those situations, I could easily have consumed thousands of calories in alcohol and junk food. (I'm ashamed to admit that, at times, that may even have been the GOAL). But now I've been able to excercise some control and despite deviating from the NS food, I still lost weight! I think part of the reason is that I did not compromise my work-outs.

NSV: Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Marlins home opener and I was very pleased to notice I had more room in my seat!! For once I didn't feel like all my fat was spilling over onto the people sitting next to me or that I had to squeeze past people in the rows worrying that my ass might knock over their beer or popcorn bucket. Also, the shorts I wore were the same ones I wore to the last game I went to (sometime in June) and they were MUCH looser -- in fact, I probably shouldn't have been wearing them last year. Now that I'm losing weight, I've learned how my clothes are supposed to fit. LOL.

MOMMY UPDATE: My mom has lost a total of 13lbs in 5 weeks on WW!! Everytime she loses a pound I feel like I lost it too!


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Jamie said...

OOHHH you lucky duck. A Gazelle?? You have to let me know how the results go. Is it big and hard to move around??

LOL! LOL!! I can totally relate to your feelings at the Marlins game. I have soooo been there!!! And I also don't know how I was wearing the same clothes 29lbs ago. Kinda embarrassing if I think about it too hard.

Great job on staying in control at all those functions. You go!! You are inspiring!!