Sunday, March 05, 2006

Focusing On What I Want

I WANT people to stop telling me I'd be soo pretty "if only".
I WANT to be able to buy clothing in a department store not designated for "plus sizes."
I WANT to go places and never worry that the chairs might be too small or the walk too long.
I WANT to eat a candy bar or ice cream cone and not feel like everyone's staring at me thinking "she really shouldn't be eating that."
I WANT to ride an airplane and not have to secretly ask the stewardess for a seatbelt extender.
I WANT to walk down the street and hear men whistle cause they think I'm hot rather than "beep" at me like I'm a truck in reverse.
I WANT to go to a club and be able to dance to more than one song without feeling like I'm gonna pass out.
I WANT to not weigh more than the average NFL player.
I WANT to stop having to use the handicapped stall in public restrooms.
IF I ever get married, I WANT my husband to be able to carry me over the threshold and not get a hernia.
I WANT to step on a footstool or ladder and not worry it'll buckle under my weight.
I WANT to look good in a two-piece bathing suit.
I WANT to be able to borrow clothing from my skinny friends' closets.
I WANT to like looking at myself in the mirror.
I WANT to go to a theme park and not get pulled out of line cause I'm too fat to ride the rollercoaster.
I WANT to be noticed for my great smile, rather than my fat ass.
I WANT to be happy with myself.
I WANT to live a healthy life.

I WANT all of these things more than I want the Snickers bar I've been craving; more than I want to skip today's workout; more than I want to throw my scale onto I-95; more than I want to give up!

I WANT to remember that


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