Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March Mad Dash Victory!

My March Mad Dash to 290 is a success--3 days early!!
And my Florida Gators are in the Final Four!
What a GREAT month!

I'm soo excited to start working toward my next mini-goals.
"...weight loss is a big step along that road to fully realizing just how remarkable you can be--and every move you take toward that goal can help you become the all-around, inspired, inspirational person you know, deep down, that you were born to be." - Daily Dose, 3/29/06


Jamie said...

Wooo Hooo!!!! 3 days early?!? You rock!! I have yet to met a mini-goal on time, let alone EARLY!!! Great job!!

Leigh said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! That's fantastic girl, keep it up!!!!!