Monday, March 06, 2006

Success Feeds Off Itself

Happy Monday!! I know, I know, that's an oxymoron, for sure! Anyway, today starts week 9 on NS (Thursday is day 60); I really didn't think I'd last this long (and it's only been 2 months!!). My weight loss to date totals 26.0lbs, a weekly average of 3.25lbs GONE! I have to admit I'm pretty friggin' happy. I've gotten so much encouragement and support from my family, friends and NS buddies that it's starting to become a breeze. My mom's so inspired by my initial success that she's joined up with Weight Watchers and starts today! Success Breeds Success!!
When I see the number on the scale getting smaller, it makes it easier to be "good" that day. When I feel my pants are baggier, my shirts roomier and my bra looser, it makes me want to go work out (OK, so maybe I'm not so thrilled about my bra size getting smaller, but I can't have EVERYTHING).
When my co-workers notice my face is thinner or my waist is smaller (one even called me "Slim" this morning), I find it easier to choke down another cup of yogurt.

Despite the obstacles, like my little fiasco with the crazy homeless guy last Tuesday*, I find that concentrating the little victories here and there (finding more wiggle room in my arm chair, for example) will help me along my journey. I can't dwell on past failures (I'd have a LOT to dwell on). This journey is all about today forward.

* Okay, about the homeless guy: for the past couple of weeks, I've been taking a brisk 20 minute walk during my lunch break. I work in downtown Miami near the courthouse, an area bustling with people at nearly all times. Well, walking back toward the office, a crazy homeless guy decided I was in his path (we were on a sidewalk that could probably fit 6-8 people standing side to side). He goes to shove me but, first, balls his hands into fists and proceeds to punch the ever-loving "sugar" out of me. One fist slams my necklace pendant and grandfather's ring against my chest and the other fist hits my arm, just below my shoulder. At the same time he yells, "Get the F&@# out of my way!!" He knocked the breath out of me and I spent about 20 seconds if it even happened because all of the other people on the street went on about their business like nothing happened. FINALLY, a woman approaches me and asks me if I'm hurt or if he stole anything 'cause he'd been "doing that to people along the street." Why, if she'd witnessed this, did she not call the cops, I don't know, but that's Miami for you. I was more than a little shaken up, but I'm ok now, and the point is: I did not allow this incident to prevent me from continuing my daily lunch walk. Instead, I took the opportunity to strengthen my resolve not to allow anyone or anything to deter me from my mission.


....Lovely Loser... said...

You are doing SOOO well! I really liked your "I want" list...I created one for myself a while ago and now I think I may post it on my blog :) I can't believe your homeless guy story...WOW* That is scary!

Congrats and keep up the GREAT* work!!!!

....Lovely Loser... said...

Thats my blog by the way, I don't use my "blogspot" one :)

Jamie said...

Wooo Hooo!! You should be so proud of yourself! You are doing amazing! 26 pounds?!? Good for you. Isn't it nice to get a few uplifting comments??

As for your homeless fool....I commend your ability to continue with your lunch time walks. I felt so bad that happend to you. You are braver than I am.....I am pretty sure that would have stopped my outside walks!!!!!!!

Also, loved your "I Want" list. I can totally relate with that list. Hell, I could have written it. Congratulations on staying focused. My focus was a little fuzzy but is finally returning.

Have a great week!!