Monday, October 30, 2006

All In The Numbers...

I know I've been bitching that my rate of loss has slowed considerably (though I should say that my efforts have not been as "enthusiastic" as they were at the beginning), but progress is always being made and I was reminded of that today when I went to the doctor. Last week he'd ordered a lot of tests and today the results are in: my weight? 261 (with all of my clothes, shoes and cell phone on); my blood pressure? 122/80; my cholesterol? 140; my glucose level? 88. AWESOME!! He told me my numbers were EXCELLENT and that I'm in pretty gosh darn healthy right now. Unfortunately, I do have issues with my blood clotting ability (I suffered from a DVT 3 years ago and am now on blood thinners) and my latest test results were definitely NOT excellent, but once he refers me to a hematologist we should be able to get on top of that too. Also, my BMI is now 38.7. When I started NS it was 48.3!! When I hit 257.5 last week, that made my total weight loss 65lbs! That breaks down to 20.15% of my starting weight and 37.% of my highest known weight. Wouldn't it be great if I could lose another 15lbs by the end of the year?!?!?! Wouldn't it be great if I could get my ass in gear and start walking and/or Gazelle-ing again, like, TODAY??!?!?!??!

Updates: Last week, Mom reached a total of 30lbs lost!!! We're going to be one hot mom & daughter team!


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Deb'r said...

Just thought I would say hello. And let you know I hate you! OK so thats just jelousy. I have been doing NS for 2.5 months and I am so shaky right now. Wish I had your will power and your drive to see this through. Wish I was as young as you when I got all this weight off. anyway, Keep up the good fight your fantastic!