Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's All Coming Together

Well, this is my mess. The living room set came from my mom's family room. It's 12 years old but for about 10 of them we weren't allowed to sit on them unless guests were over, so they're in pretty good shape. I wouldn't have picked them, but I think they go pretty well with the whole decor. As you can see, I'm using my microwave box as a coffee table. The dinette set is coming from my friend and will go in the space behind the love seat (where the ladder is now). I LOVE the way the tile came out. I was a little nervous, but I think it's a nice effect that looks like wood, but wasn't as expensive and doesn't require that same level of maintenance. The beautiful wall unit was a surprise gift from my mother (one of the MANY she's given me since I moved in). We had agreed that she would go with me to Rooms-To-Go to pick out a bedroom set because I didn't have a dresser or chest or nightstands or anything. So, the day before of our shopping trip I went to RTG online and showed her the wall units I was considering (the very same one you're looking pictured here). The next day I call her on my way home so we can meet for the store and after several calls with no answer, my sister calls to tell me that mom said something came up and I should go straight home...so I did and my bedroom set (which she'd purchased the day I closed on the condo) and my wall unit (that she'd picked two weeks before) were set up in my condo!!!! I was speechless. (And damn Danny for not spilling the beans cause he knew the whole time!) I don't have a picture of the whole bedroom set yet, but below is a pic of me in the bed. I was pretty tired, I guess. LOL

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Miss Moxie said...

I like the shape of your living room it's pretty cool.