Friday, August 04, 2006

Breaking the Plateau

I don't want to jinx it or anything, but I peeked at the scale again today: 271. That's the lowest weight I've been since July 9th!!! So far this week I've lost more weight than all of last month. I was 275 on Sunday, 273 on Tuesday, 271.5 yesterday and 271 today. I don't know if this means my body is finally back on track or what (funny how it happened during my 2nd week of no working out--maybe whoever told me I wasn't eating enough to support my exercise habits was right. I can only hope). I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I want to get back on the Gazelle soon cause I miss it, but maybe my body was craving a change up in activity. I can't wait to start using my new pool.

BTW: GO MARLINS!!! Last night they beat the "mighty" NY Mets (who, like the Jets, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!) and took the series. I was there with my friends Joe, Matt and Sara and we had a great time! Hey, maybe we can still make the wildcard after all. Stranger things have happened.


Paul said...

WOW - I haven't been here in only two days and I have a had a lot of catching up to do. You sure do write a lot for a woman with a new condo to rehab and a dog to walk :-)

OK by now you know me well enough to know I can't resist making a wise crack every now and then. So first off when you talked about that belt sander all I could think of is those old exercise machines that vibrate - I think there might even have been a Lucy episode with one, but I can't remember for sure. Anyway when I was a teenager I worked in a small general store and my boss's mom had one of those machines. That's all I could think of, you put the belt around your waist, turn it on and stand there while it jiggles!

Seriously I think that the weight loss you are experiencing is probably related to all of the hard work and manual labor you are doing to get the condo ready.

As for the mural, I used to work in a group home for the mentally retarded back in the 80's and the dining room had a mural painted on it's walls, and that mural had been there for decades, as I recall the house was built in something like 1890 or 1910. Thankfully this one was a sea mural and was not textured, nor did it have plaster jutting out all over the place. That's a nice view from your windows by the way.

Lastly I may have to pose with some pompoms and shorts when I hit goal weight now that you made that comment!!

Jamie said...

Well just look at you! Congratulations!! Although that looks like a hell of a lotta work!!! Great job with the downward movement of the scale. Now if only mine would get the same idea!

I have to say that you look so good in your pics that you posted. I can really see a huge differance in your arms and tummy area! Way to go!!!

As for your Marlins?? Well, okay! Go Marlins!! for now! At least until they meet up with my Angels and then its on!!

Take care of yourself girl.