Friday, August 04, 2006

Labor of Love II

Kitchen, half bath, vantage point from the front door, hallway from the bedroom and master bath. See, that funky raised painting is EVERYWHERE!!! Hopefully, that belt sander will help me tone up my arms! Makes me want to sneeze just looking at all the dust!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cass, it's Kat. Logged in as anonymous since I haven't set up a blog.

Just wanted to say thanx for showing us the condo's "before" pics. Now we know where your workouts are coming from these days!! LOL What IS with the funky painting??? Yikes!! Don't breath too much of that dust (it might have calories...LOL)

It looks like you have great space though. Congrats again on your purchase!! I know you will have it looking fab in no time.