Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lizard Boy Loses

It's soo nice to know you all "got my back", so to speak. As far as "Lizard Boy" is concerned, I've been advised that I need no longer waste my time on someone who so obviously doesn't appreciate me. If he hasn't already made up his mind that he definitely wants to see where 'this' is going, then 'this' is going NOWHERE FAST!! I guess I just didn't want to believe that in actuality, he's already made up his mind that he doesn't want me, no matter what he says. Apparently, I'm just the type who needs an anvil dropped on my head before I get the hint. So,
I've officially decided (again) to let go. I mean, I know that whenever there are feelings of this intensity involved, it's damn near impossible to make a clean break ('cold turkey' so to speak--hey, ever notice how many sayings are food-based??--but I guess that's for another post), but I have to do it for my own sanity and emotional well-being. I'm beginning to develop a complex about the whole thing! It's just a matter of reminding myself that (1) I am worthy of having a good relationship in my life; (2) I don't NEED a relationship with some guy to make me a complete person (no matter how nice it would be); (3) ultimately, IT'S HIS LOSS. And, boy, is he going to be SORRY he passed me up!!!

I am sooo sore from all the work I've been doing on the condo, but it's worth it. It looks like I'll be moving in during Labor Day weekend; a little later than I'd hoped, but I'm at the mercy of the tile guy and his schedule. The textured mural has been sanded down, so now it's pretty much just a matter of sanding the rest of the walls and prepping to paint. I'll buy the paint tmw and start painting this weekend. Hey, anyone interested in a paint party? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn't think so. Where's all my support now?!? LOL. [Have I told you today how great Danny has been through this whole renovation process--both with my body and my condo? That's a real friend.]

I'm also sore because of some new exercises I've been trying. I just started, but I already feel something. I don't know what the actual exercises are called but the first is to work the lower abdominal muscles: lie on the floor, legs closed, lift legs about 45 degrees (or 30 degrees for more intensity) off the ground, then open wide, close, lower, lift, open, close, lower. I've been trying to do 20-25 a day. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's HARD. I've also started taking the stairs up to my condo (4th floor) and the parking garage here at work (4th floor or higher). The other exercise is for my buttocks. Hands and knees on the floor, lift a leg up in the air with the bottom of my foot parallel to the ceiling and push upwards rapidly 20-25 times with each leg. I definitely felt that in my arse immediately. They are just little things I'm trying to do to keep active during this time when I've found it difficult to get my 60-90 minutes of cardio in. I was also looking online today for some water aerobic exercises that I can start doing once I start using my new pool. I guess I gotta get a new bathing suit. Uggghhh! (sorry for the visual)


Bob said...

You wrote: "I am worthy of having a good relationship in my life." Truer words never have been spoken. That feeling will take you to the right relationship. You are doing a great job taking care of you. Weight loss, new condo, exercise. All great things. Keep it up, Cass!

CindyV said...

You are definitely worthy of a great relationship. You need to be free and available for the "right" person to come into your life.

Wouldn't it be sad to pass up your soul mate because you were with the lizard boy?

I know I never posted here before but I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I connected here from Paul's blog.

All the best,


Maryellen Again said...

I L O V E reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

I wish I lived a bit closer, you seem to be very much like me!

Except, you are so smart to come to the conclusions you have with "Lizard Boy". Stick to your guns. Don't look back. Try to make a quick, clean break. The sooner you put him behind you, the sooner you heal and prepare yourself to meet someone who deserves you.

I didn't realize the situation I was in until after years of marriage and two children...and I turned down much nicer men to go out with this ape...

Learn from my mistake...

Leigh said...

Honey, you're doing SO great. Things are really changing for you, and I think for the better. You're working SO hard and it will all pay off in the end.

I guess we're creating quite a stir with our wild donkey sex, aren't we? Shall we let them in on our secret? LOL *wink*

Anonymous said...

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