Thursday, August 03, 2006

Labor of Love

Well, here it is: my labor of love. My new baby, my condo. These are a few "before" pics. However, they were taken after we tore up the 35-yr-old carpet and took down the 1972 green drapes. The mural on the wall of the dining room is actually not a bad piece of art. It was probably very fashionable in the 70s, along with lime green shag carpet, lava lamps and the BeeGees. The view is from my bedroom window that faces north. The balcony was enclosed and is now a "den". The view is pretty much the same as in my bedroom, just a little further west. I've pretty much settled on a tile that looks like wooden flooring--to go with the blue I chose for the bedroom and sort of rose color I'm leaning toward for the living/dining area. Pulling up the carpet and linoleum as well as all the wood it was nailed to was no joke. Then I had to buy a belt sander to start sanding that damn mural off the wall because they textured it by using plaster! PLASTER!!! I used the sander for about 30 minutes yesterday and I sweat about 3 gallons! I don't know what I would do without Danny, my best friend, who has done sooooooo much work already. I think I'd like a celery green or peridot for the kitchen, and some neutral color for the master and half bathrooms. I'm telling you, I'm soo sore from all the work that I don't even feel bad I've missed my workouts this week. In fact, I'm looking forward to taking tonight off from the condo and taking a 2-3 mile walk with my neglected dog.
As you can see, the place needs A LOT of work, so if you haven't heard from me in a while, don't panic. I'll touch base soon and will post 'after' pics as well. Funny how the whole theme of this blog is transformation--first my body, now my condo! LOL.

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