Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monique's B-Day

For those of you who check in on my blog fairly regularly, you may recall me talking about one of my favorite haunts, Monty's in Coconut Grove. My friend Monique is a bartender there--she's soo good I like to tell her, "You can't have Monty's without Mo!"--and last Wednesday was her birthday. So a bunch of us lushes, I mean her friends, came out to help her celebrate since she had to work. (Twist my arm, oww oww. LOL) These pics are of several regulars. Monique is the cute little blond with ringlets. She's tiny, but she likes tall men--the last pic is of her and her man Chris who stands about 8 foot 2...okay, not really, but it looks like that they stand next to each other. LOL. Aren't they adorable?! [Fellow NSers: you gotta love her strategy; I gotta find me a really BIG and really TALL guy so that next to him I look like his cute, tiny girlfriend. Heehee]


Sherri said...

Now that has to be the funniest thing ever!! LOL I would be in trouble if I used that strategy...considering they would not only have to be fatter and taller but also older...your getting into heart attack country at that point!! Good thing I just settled for being fatter and the same age! haha
The condo is looking great by the way! I would love a project like that...too bad I live in Maine because I actually like to paint too! LOL
Congrats on the downward movement of the scale too!

Leigh said...

Happy BD Monique! Looks like a great time :) And LOL at finding someone taller and fatter. I see those couples around all the time, ya know? It only makes the woman look short, fat and dumpy to be next to a tall, fat man. LOL Sorry honey...didn't mean to burst your bubble :P