Thursday, August 03, 2006

Progess: Slow But Sure

I had to do something to remind myself that although I've hit a plateau, I have made significant progress. Leigh, Linda, Kathryn, Paul, Jamie and Tressa (and EVERYONE I know I forgot): you guys have been like my own little cheerleading squad (Paul, it'd be interesting to see your skinny self in a cheerleading outfit with pom-poms! LOL!).

I only uploaded my most recent pictures (taken July 5th, weight 269); the discs with my other 'before' pics are buried in the mess that will soon be "the room I occupied when I lived with my mother." But you can look at my first blog post (January 27th, I think) and compare. What I first noticed is that not only are my clothes looser and my body smaller, but my smile seems bigger! And they (whoever 'they' are) say the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to improve your appearance is to smile. So, I'm smiling.

BTW: I look a LOT DARKER, too, don't I? I guess all those walks outside with Mosley fostered a tan I really didn't need.

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Anonymous said...

Figured while I was at it I'd post here too. You are looking great! You can tell such a difference! I am so glad to hear that the scale is moving down again. Keep hanging tough my friend!! AND KEEP THAT SMILE!! Kat