Monday, February 13, 2006

Back to Work

I can't believe how great my first hour back at work has been (no matter that I haven't actually done any work yet)! I was dreading having to explain why I didn't go to TN a dozen times; up til now I've explained it four times 'cause I was fortunate enough to catch a group of 5 co-workers in the copy room at one time. For a Monday, everything has gone much better than expected: first, I've gotten great compliments on my weight loss by nearly everyone! I guess the week away has given everyone a chance to compare the "new" me to the me of just 5 weeks ago (did I mention today starts Week Six on Nutrisystem?). Second, though I expected to see my desk buried under a mountain of work, my desk was exactly the way I'd left it last week save one piece of a paper - a note from one of my bosses hoping I had fun on my vacation, telling me she'd left my work on her desk and she'd see me next week! I couldn't believe it! I gotta tell you, coming back to work after a week's vacation to an empty desk (and not having been fired) is a real positive boost psychologically. Wow. I guess I'll sign off now and go get some work done!

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