Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goal Oriented

This is an every day, every meal, every hour struggle sometimes. I even wake up hungry sometimes. Some days are better than others. Yesterday, I breezed through and I don't think I had all my allotment of food. I just gotta not quit! I've decided to break up my total task into "bite-sized" segments of 8-10lbs at a time. I've been pretty good about walking daily, whether it be a brisk 20minute walk during my lunch break or taking my dog Mosely on a 2-mile trot around the 'hood in the evenings. My legs hurt though. I ordered a dance fitness video to see if I can break up the monotony of my workouts. I've found that in the past, this is one of the reasons I've often quit; I simply get bored. If I can slowly begin to identify my pitfalls and work hard to overcome this, could I really be one of those NSers whose "results are not typical"? I hope so.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day (I really did enjoy my processed chocolate) and the sweetest surprise was being down another 1/2 pound today! I'll take it!

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