Friday, February 17, 2006

On My Own

TGIF!! And a 3-day weekend, too, woohoo! But that's really all I have to be excited about right now. I'm in a bit of a mood. For those of us struggling with weight loss, there are soo many issues to address in addition to eating the right foods and working out. So, how do you handle it when people close to you aren't as enthusiastic about your journey as you are?! I mean, I know it's not my friends' or family members' weight problem. I don't expect them to be thrilled at every half-pound lost or chocolate bar left uneaten--those are my little victories and I'll take each and every one of them as fast as I can get them. But sometimes I'd like--I NEED--support from my friends. One close friend said to me that while he's happy I'm on this diet, he's "waiting for the finished product" before he says anything. Doesn't he realize that I need the support NOW, not when I've reached my goal?!! Another friend scolded me, telling me that my weight loss should be for me only, and I shouldn't need encouragement or acknowledgement from my friends. He's right to a certain extent. The weight loss is for me and my health; but am I the only one who needs a friend to lean on when they're going through something drastic in life?! Why should my needing support for my weight loss be any different than if I needed it to kick a drug or alcohol habit, or if I was depressed over a dead-end job or a dream career that hasn't panned out or a breakup with a boy/girl friend? Obviously, I have an addiction problem, a self esteem problem and a coping problem--otherwise I wouldn't have this weight problem!! The worst part is that the problems I'm having with my support network are coming from those closest to me and that's the last thing I would have expected. Thank GOD for the NS profiles and blogs (and, of course, my dog Mosley--HE loves me)! At least they offer a means to connect with people struggling with my same issues, who are willing to discuss how much they hate working out or how yogurt seems to be seeping out of their pores, or how anyone can eat those NS muffins--they taste like sawdust! I must say, though, my family has been GREAT. Most of us have a weight problem, and I think it's easier for them to see where I'm coming from and how much losing this weight can improve my quality of life. Also, my co-workers have been exceptionally supportive (even though one gave me Hershey's kisses for Valentine's Day. I ate only ONE and gave away and threw away the rest--yes, I said it: I threw away chocolate, and don't you dare repeat that)!

Bottom line - this journey is my own and the ultimate reward is how I am going to feel about reaching my goal. I put the weight on alone, and I'll take it off pound at a time.

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