Sunday, February 19, 2006


First off, today is the end of Week Six on NS, and weigh-in this morning brings my weight loss total to 19.5 pounds!

I'm soooo SORE!!!! OK, so I ordered these 2 fitness videos: "Dance Fitness for Beginners: Daily Quickies 10 Minutes Workouts" and "Dance with Lisa: Red Hot Salsa Made Simple". I decided to try them out yesterday. First, I put in the Daily Quickies video (I just like the name, heehee). It has 5 10-minute samplings of workouts from various instructors: Raina who does belly dancing for upper body toning; Jayna who does bellydance for the whole body; Suhaila who leads a "bellydance buns program"; and MaDonna Grimes who's an MTV choregrapher and does a cardio workout with a hip-hop dance feel. MaDonna comes up first and gets right into it (remember, it's only 10 minutes so there's no time for small talk). Four minutes into it I was sweating up a storm and my legs were burning!! I stopped 4 and 1/2 minutes into it. I scanned through the other workouts and find they'll probably be quite interesting. Then I put in the Salsa video and this one is GREAT. The dance moves are easy to follow and you really feel like you're doing an aerobic workout, even though you're just dancing. I did about 15 minutes of that (my legs were still burning from my four minutes in MaDonna hell) and went on a 2.25 mile walk with Mosley. Boy, I am feeling it today. I've complained to my mom about it who says only, "no pain, no gain!" But, in my case, shouldn't it be "no pain, no lose"?!?!

Anyway, I went to a karaoke bar last night with RJ (remember "Blind Man" who's not really blind). I gotta tell ya, even six weeks in, it's still a struggle to sit in a bar for a couple of hours and watch what I drink or eat. I had two Bacardi and diet cokes and nursed them the entire night with 3 glasses of water in between. At the end of the night when I thought I'd gotten off ok, RJ orders a batch of hot chicken wings and french fries!! I could have killed him. THEN, he got them to go so I had to suffer through the 20 minute drive with the smell of spicy, tender, juicy, sauce-laden wings calling my name!!! OF COURSE, I ate one. But only one. And I skipped my NS dessert and dinner fat to do it. Was it worth it? HELL, YESS! And I was still down a half-pound today. YAY!!


Trisha said...

Great Job Cass!


Churchill001 said...

Keep up the good work Cassie - let me know if you need a walking buddy. Text me.